Bonvenon! (Welcome!)
Esperanto-Klubo de Norda Teksaso

Bonvenon! (Welcome!)


Bonvenon al nia klubo. Ni kunvenas monate en la Komuna Ĉambro de la supervendejo, “Central Market” ĉe la vojkruĉo de “Lovers Lane” kaj “Greenville Avenue” en dalaso.

Abonu nian Google Groups retpoŝtliston por ricevi ĝisdatigojn kaj anoncojn pri la grupo.


Welcome to our club. We meet every month en the Community Room in the supermarket, Central Market, at the corner of Lovers Ln. and Greenville Avenue in Dallas. See our “Kunvenoj/Meetings” page for a map to our meeting place.

Subscribe to our Google Groups mailing-list for discussions and announcements pertaining to the club.

Kial? Why should Americans learn Esperanto

  1. Esperanto can be learned in less time than other languages.
  2. It doesn’t replace anyone’s native language. It serves as a common second language.
  3. It is politically, culturally, and religiously unbiased.
  4. It has been tested in over 100 countries for more than 100 years.
  5. It gives people of all ages, including children and senior citizens, a positive learning experience with rapid progress
  6. It will bring you new friends from all over the world.
  7. It brings understanding and helps you to cross barriers of culture and country.
  8. It helps you to understand your own native English better.
  9. You can read the great literature of the world.
  10. It is great fun.