05/11/2019 Club Meeting

Club meeting at Central Market

Greenville Ave. at Lover’s Lane, Dallas, TX

We had our usual meeting at the Community Room at Central Market. It was Mother’s Day weekend, and the store was utilizing the Community Room for their own purposes. It was a beautiful spring evening, so we held our meeting on the balcony. We did all the things we usually do:

* Discussed current events
* We had a visitor, Caleb, who had studied Esperanto for 3 weeks. He met Charlotte via the app ‘Amikumu’
* We read a chapter from “La Verda Koro” together.
* We played a game called “Headbands” but in Esperanto

About the video by Charlotte

Charlotte has a video channel on YouTube. She brought her recording equipment and recorded the meeting. Don’t worry, she edited out parts, and the video is much shorter than the two hour meeting.

Source: Esperanto-Klubo de Norda Teksaso - Central Market